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All private casks will start life in the French Oak and there will be two distinct varieties of malt to select from, Distillers Malt and Manuka Smoke Malt.

Our private casks will mature for a minimum of 3 years and maximum of 10 years with the owners of these exclusive casks having the opportunity to sample each cask annually at the distillery as the cask matures over time.

*Non-refundable 10% deposit to secure your limited edition private cask. Full amount payable on fulfilment. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

This price excludes excise tax which will be calculated at the time of bottling and payable before bottling.

The current excise price from 1st July 2022 is $19.54 (excluding GST) per bottle of 700ml whisky at 46% ABV.

We use 100% local barley produced from South Canterbury. Our distiller’s malt is a premium malt produced exclusively from distilling barley varieties with the right nitrogen content. The barley has been gently kilned to preserve enzyme content and the resulting malt has both high extract and diastatic power. The end result is a barley and new make which is slightly sweet, rich in character and clean.

We take the same barley varieties as our classic distillers malt and place the grains in a smoker with 100% New Zealand grown West Coast Manuka wood. Our Manuka Smoked Malt is smooth and overlaid with floral, sweet characteristics. This malt is also excellent when distilled, and imparts a smooth, natural smokiness with distinct Manuka notes to the finished whisky that is unique to New Zealand.

Our cask strategy since creation was to ensure that we can give our Single Malt the best possible start to its journey in life. This is why we have selected French Oak.

French Oak imparts a lovely rich character in the spirit from an early age, with balanced spiciness, silky vanillin notes as well as subtle sweetness. These flavours are well matched to our local new make spirit and allow for more consistent aging to remove any of the volatile congeners. Another key attribute from French Oak is its high tannin levels which tends to be more balanced in Quercus Robur versus that of the American counterpart - Quercus Alba.

All 200L casks will be filled using Virgin French Oak, with 50L casks being 1st filled French Oak.

Cask is king.

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The Scapegrace Distillery is about to embark on an exciting new journey, a journey which has been bubbling away for many years.

With an ambition and obsession to lay down the foundations to produce world class Single Malt Whisky from New Zealand, we have been putting down the fundamentals to reshape the landscape of new world whisky. At the heart of this voyage is our new spiritual home which is perched in the picturesque Central Otago, overlooking Lake Dunstan.

Situated exactly on the 45th parallel (mid-point between the equator and south pole), the site is exposed to extremes in hot and cold temperatures, an optimum environment for aging whisky.

Naturally the pristine water quality, fresh from the Southern Alps was another contributing factor to ensure the quality of our single malt could flourish over time.

The Distillery

With the first phase of our new distillery now complete, our ambitiously long barrel house is complete and the very first ever barrels will be set to rest and age gracefully over time.

This monumental moment cannot be lost to time, so with this in mind Scapegrace will be providing the unique unique opportunity to secure the first ever private barrels to be laid in the new distillery.

As an exclusive owner of these private casks, you not only will be securing your place in Scapegrace history, but will be coming along for an exciting journey as your cask flourishes to life at your new home.

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For any more questions around private casks please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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